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Our History

Landmark Legislation
In early 2010, Massachusetts passed a landmark education reform law, An Act Relative to the Achievement Gap, to intervene in the state's most chronically low-performing schools. The legislation created different vehicles for non-profit organizations to restart low-performing schools as autonomous district schools. 

Where We Are Today
Founded in 2010, UP Education Network is a Massachusetts-based nonprofit school management organization whose mission is to rapidly transform chronically underperforming district schools into extraordinary schools that sustain high achievement over time. It is one of the few in the country that is successfully tackling the challenges of in-district school turnaround. Our work ensures students enrolled in our schools will acquire the knowledge, skills, and strength of character necessary to succeed on the path to college and to achieve their full potential.

We have grown quickly to meet the demand for school restart in Massachusetts. We opened our first UP Academy in fall 2011, and have since expanded to six schools that serve more than 3,000 students. Our sixth school, UP Academy Kennedy, launched last fall in Western Massachusetts.