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UP Education Network Boards

Board of Trustees

UP Education Network is supported and governed by the UP Education Network Board of Trustees, a group of dynamic, thoughtful volunteers who support us in making lasting, impactful change.

  • Emily Green, Independent Board Director & Advisor (Board Chair)
  • Kirk Arnold, Former Chief Executive Officer, Data Intensity
  • Veronica Conforme, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner, Greenhouse E3
  • Ellen Daley, Independent Board Member
  • Meghan Joyce, CEO, Stealth Startup and Independent Board Director
  • Owen Wurzbacher, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, HighSage Ventures

UPcoming Board of Trustees Meetings:

  • September 26 (discussion includes UP Academy Holland)
  • November 28 (discussion includes UP Academy Holland)
  • February 26 (discussion includes UP Academy Holland)

Previous Board of Trustees Meetings:

  • June 28th (discussion includes UP Academy Holland)
  • June 8th (discussion includes UP Academy Holland)
  • May 10th (discussion includes UP Academy Holland)

Technology Advisory Board (TAB)

Launched in 2022, UP’s Technology Advisory board is composed of proven leaders, technology experts and successful entrepreneurs who are dedicating their time, talent and energy to ensure students in UP schools have the resources and opportunities to explore their path and potential, especially in the STEM disciplines. The TAB launched with an initial focus of how to better leverage technology in the classroom and transformed into an opportunity to build awareness of UP’s exceptional learning environments, ensure a rigorous academic curriculum focused on STEM to prepare students for the future, provide leadership support and raise critical funds to make it all happen.

  • Ellen Daley, Independent Board Member (Board Chair)
  • Cheyenne Boyce, HubSpot, Education Partner Program
  • Ted Conroy, IBM
  • Brian Cusack, Principal PartnerOcean | ex-Google Exec
  • Kate Forrestall, Tripadvisor
  • Lisa Freed, iRobot
  • Emily Green, Independent Board Member | Advisor
  • Bre’Lynn Lombard, TikTok
  • Marta McAlister, Google for Education
  • Mneesha Nahata, American Tower
  • Nishita Roy-Pope, Founder/CEO | Former Director – Dell Technologies

To learn more about TAB’s work or express interest in membership, email Julianna Quinlan at

Young Professional Advisory Board

UP Education Network is also supported by our Young Professional Advisory Board, which is a group of young professionals dedicated to volunteering their time, energy and talents in service of UP Education Network and UP Academy schools.

  • Sam Wolfson, Consultant, EY-Parthenon (Board Chair)
  • Stephen Aborn, Director, Aborn & Co
  • Joe Byrne, Development Manager, Boston Plan for Excellence
  • Dean Constant, MBA Candidate at Colombia Business School
  • Matthew Hanson, Executive Vice President, Bain Capital
  • Tom Hoff, Associate Product Manager, Catapult
  • Phil Kantor, President, Darcy Partners and Co-Founder, Outpost Companies
  • Christian Lehr, Consultant, Tyton Partners
  • Julia Li, Product Manager, Faire
  • Katherine Lopez, Academic Counselor, Bunker Hill Community College
  • Alex Mukherjee, Co-Founder, Life Lessons Education
  • Varun Navani, Founder, Rolai
  • Ben Yu, Manager, Product Analytics, Audible
  • Alice Zhou, Product Manager, Pearson

To learn more about the Young Professional Advisory Board’s work or express interest in membership, email Julianna Quinlan at

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