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UP Academy Boston Advocacy Hub

UP Academy Boston is in the process of renewing the operating charter, which happens every 5 years. The purpose of this page is to share key information and important dates regarding the renewal process as well as key information on ways families can support the charter renewal.

This is a very important process for the future of UP Academy Boston. The involvement of parents and family members will be essential to getting an affirmative vote in favor of UP Academy Boston’s renewal.

Please visit this page regularly for updates and information regarding the date of the school committee meeting and other related meetings as well as notes from internal meetings.

If you have any questions about the renewal process or how you can support, please contact Adkeem Jackson, Sr. Director of Family Engagement and External Relations at 617-483-2535 or by email at

Important Information

The support of our families will be crucial in the process of renewing the operating charter for UP Academy Boston. We appreciate your partnership and support! If you are interested in submitting a letter or video in support of UP Academy Boston’s renewal, please see the info below:

All letters and videos should be addressed to one of the following:

  • The Boston Public School Committee OR
  • Michael Loconto, Boston Public School Committee Chairperson

Understand why you are writing:

  • You are writing  or speaking in support of UAB Charter renewal.
  • You are specifically asking The Boston Public School Committee to vote in favor of The Board of Education approving the renewal of UP Academy Boston’s charter agreement. 

Things to highlight

  • How has the experience at UAB been positive for your child and beneficial to his/her learning and development
  • How has the school had a direct impact on your family
  • Specific examples to highlight the positive impact the school has had on your child and your family
  • Anything else that you are moved to share from your heart

Please send all emails to and CC

If you would like to leave the school committee a voicemail, please call (617) 635-9014 and leave a voicemail stating,“I am calling to ask for your vote on behalf of UP Academy Boston’s Charter Renewal.”

Keep those letters and videos coming!

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