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Upping the Bar: 2016 PARCC Results

There are few experiences more rewarding than seeing our scholars shine so brightly as a result of their perseverance and creativity. Thanks to the tireless work of our incredible educators, families, and students, each year since our founding in 2011-12, scholars across the UP Education Network have achieved unprecedented academic results at public schools that had previously been identified as chronically underperforming. The 2015-16 school year was the first time scholars in all our schools took to the PARCC exam, and their success was extraordinary. We hope you will take a moment to review some of the accomplishments of our hard-working students and teachers. Among the highlights:

  • In both mathematics and English Language Arts, the number of UP Academy Holland's 5th graders demonstrating grade-level proficiency has increased at least five-fold in the two years since the school was restarted.
  • UP Education Network would be the #3 ranked district on the 2016 PARCC in student growth in mathematics among all large school districts in Massachusetts, when counting all UP Academies as a school district.
  • 500 more Black and Latino students are achieving grade-level proficiency in both mathematics and English Language Arts as a result of our collective efforts across five previously low-performing schools.

At the end of the day, what truly matters is whether the education we are providing our scholars enables them to fulfill their potential and succeed on the path to college, career, and beyond. While state test results are a key indicator, they do not tell the full story. Our first graduates, those we served for just one year in 2012 as 8th grade students at UP Academy Boston – are now four years removed from our program. We've included some powerful and encouraging early alumni testimonials in this year's Upping the Bar report. We are so proud to call these students UP Academy alumni and we are so grateful to their families for entrusting us with their scholars.