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Career Pathways

In order to ensure our students receive an extraordinary education, our school and network staff must have access to high-quality professional support and leadership development. Our commitment to provide these opportunities, inside and outside of the classroom, is steadfast and robust. Below are some of the programs we currently offer.

  • Leadership Residency
    Our Leadership Residency program prepares our future UP Academy Co-Leaders -- Principals and Directors of Operations -- for success in their roles. Program participants have extraordinary leadership potential and a demonstrated track record of impact. The program includes an immersive experience inside an UP Academy as well as formal learning opportunities to develop and enhance leadership skills that are essential in the restart context.
  • Dean Preparation Academy
    Dean Preparation Academy is a program designed to develop coaching, management, and role-specific skills needed to deliver great results. This program also prepares current UP Academy and UP Education Network staff to apply for and become Deans of Curriculum & Instruction, Deans of Students, and other adult-facing leadership roles.
  • Operations Leadership Academy
    Operations Leadership Academy is a program designed to provide current UP Academy and UP Education Network staff who are interested in Operations, or are aspiring Director of Operations (DOO), with an opportunity to learn about operational excellence. Through their participation in this program, individuals will become better prepared for selection into, as well as success in, Director of Operations in Residence (DOOIR) and DOO roles.
  • UP Teaching Fellows
    The UP Teaching Fellows program is a premier new teacher development pathway run in partnership with the Sposato Graduate School of Education. As an UP Teaching Fellow, you will get hands-on instructional experience with support from your own coach, while taking graduate coursework leading to a Master’s in Effective Teaching. To learn more about this fellowship opportunity, please click the following link.