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About UP Education Network

Our Mission

Founded in 2010, UP Education Network is a Massachusetts-based nonprofit school management organization. It is one of the few in the country that is successfully tackling the challenges of in-district school turnaround. UP operates three schools in Boston, two in Lawrence, and one in Springfield, serving more than 3,000 of the state’s historically underserved students.

UP’s mission is to rapidly transform chronically underperforming district schools into extraordinary schools that sustain high achievement over time.

What is Restart?

In early 2010, Massachusetts passed a landmark education reform law to intervene in Level 4 schools, defined as the state’s most struggling schools. The legislation created different vehicles to restart low-performing schools as autonomous district schools. After the school district, city, or state identifies the school in need of restart, UP Education Network takes on full management of the school to which we are assigned.

Since 2010, we have launched two UP Academies as traditional neighborhood schools and two as in-district charter schools; we also operate a Level 5 school. We open UP Academies as fully enrolled schools with largely the same students, including those with disabilities and English language learners. Because our efforts address existing schools, we operate inside of — not independent of — school districts. We incorporate innovations in the areas of instructional practice, time, resources, and technology from the highest-performing district and charter schools into our restart schools, creating a new, high-quality, public school model where our schools remain a part of our respective districts.